Laboratory Test Preparation Guidelines before the Test

    1. “Fasting” means not eating or drinking during a determine period of time. This is a requirement for some tests like FBS and LIPID PROFILE TEST.
    2. While fasting, the: patient IS ALLOWED TO HAVE ONLY ONE GLASS of WATER.
    3. It is not allowed to consume any solid food, or drink beverages such as coffee, juices or tea; water is the only consumption allowed (maximum of 1 glass of water only).
    4. Chewing gum is not also allowed (including sugar free) could also affect test’s results, since it activates digestion.
    5. MEDICATION IS PERMITTED, unless your doctor advises otherwise. In case of consuming your medication, it should be with water.
    6. For fasting blood sugar, an 8 hours fasting is sufficient.
    7. For cholesterol, triglycerides and other lipid test the patient requires a period of 10 to 12 hours of no food or beverage consumption, just water.
    8. If dinner time is usually at 7pm, the patient is advice to eat again (crackers, biscuits, fruits, milk, etc) at 9pm (last food intake) and blood extraction will be at 7am the following morning.
    9. Hours Fasting Sample:

  •  Female

    1. Remove the lid of the container being careful not to touch the inside of either the container or lid.
    2. If you are menstruating, first insert a fresh tampon or use cotton to stop the flow.
    3. Separate the skin folds around the urinary opening with one hand (keep separated until the specimen is collected).
    4. Wash the area surrounding the urinary opening from front to back.
    5. Begin urinating into the toilet, making sure you keep the skin folds apart with the fingers of one hand.
    6. Wait until the urine stream is well established before moving the container into the path of the stream to catch the urine. Do not touch container to genital area.  Fill approximately 1/2 full.
    7. Finish urinating in the toilet.
    8. Replace the lid on container and label.


    1. Remove the lid of the container being careful not to touch the inside of either the container or lid.
    2. Wash the end of the penis with water or a towelette. Let air-dry.
    3. Begin urinating into the toilet. After the urine stream has been established, move the container into the stream and fill approximately 1/2 full.
    4. Finish urinating in the toilet.
    5. Replace the lid on the container and label
    1. Prior to collecting a stool specimen, avoid consuming the following:
      2. Ant diarrheal Medications
      3. Oily Laxatives
      4. Barium or Bismuth
      These products can interfere with Test Results
    2. You may collect this specimen in a clean leak proof container with a tightly fitting lid provided by the lab.